Our Story

A friend of mine took me to a bath bomb store and I really enjoyed the bomb, but I didn't want to travel all the way to that store to purchase one. So, I decided to learn how to make them. It started off amazing and an IG page was created on June 7th, 2019, but it was never started because making bombs became so frustrating and I felt like I needed to have everything perfect and I gave up! I had a lot of positive words from family to keep going and I had to learn that nothing will ever be perfect, so I needed to stop making excuses and take the jump. One day, one of my mom good friends sent me a video of how to make bomb designs and there were a couple videos in there on how to make sugar scrubs. I saw that and went right in the kitchen, grabbed the supplies and BOOM, Kendra’s Bath Scrubs was created! March 22nd, 2020 was when the line was introduced and from there, nothing but positive reviews! As of April 2020, we’ve added body butter to the menu, with a lot of new things in the works. Plush By Kendra, LLC is here to stay! All praise to GOD!